Finding Affordable Hair Transplant Clinics in the Philippines: NU/HART

Affordable Hair Transplant Clinics in the Philippines

While the cost of hair transplant surgery in the Philippines can vary, there are several clinics that offer affordable options for patients. Some of the most affordable hair transplant clinics in the Philippines include:

1. **NuHart Philippines**: NuHart Philippines offers competitive prices for hair transplant procedures, with packages starting at around PHP 50,000.

2. **DHI Philippines**: DHI Philippines provides affordable hair transplant services using the Direct Hair Implantation technique, with prices starting at PHP 75,000.

3. **Maxim Hair Restoration**: Maxim Hair Restoration offers cost-effective hair transplant solutions, with prices starting at around PHP 60,000.

4. **The Skin Specialist**: The Skin Specialist clinic provides affordable hair transplant services, with prices starting at PHP 60,000.


Finding an affordable hair transplant clinic in the Philippines requires careful consideration of various factors, including the clinic’s reputation, the expertise of the surgeons, and the techniques used. By researching different clinics and comparing prices, individuals can find a clinic that offers high-quality hair transplant services at a reasonable cost.